Intellectual Property Management (IPM)

Solution Overview

Dolmen IP Management is a software solution for handling the whole lifecycle of intellectual property – from registering an idea to creating an object of intellectual property and getting financial profit. It is a choice for companies of any scale that want to start or transform their process of intellectual property management quickly and efficiently.

The solution enables you to meet various goals:

  • Increase your revenue stream from limiting or licensing competition to use your IP.
  • Decrease costs by reducing manual operations and automating routines, such as preparation of documents for patent applications, or transfer of rights to intellectual property.
  • Reduce number of human mistakes such as missed deadlines for submitting applications for registration and re-registration, or violations of the law in terms of remuneration payments to authors.
  • Create a convenient and user-friendly environment for your employees and external partners to work jointly on intellectual property objects.
  • Reduce time for creating various analytical and statistical reports on intellectual property, such as registered patents, ongoing disputes, payments to authors, etc.
  • Ensure high security with flexible user access rights, two-factor authentication, support of single sign-on and other security features of the platform.
  • Build your own ecosystem by integration with third-party software (e.g. ERP, computer-aided design, or accounting system).
  • Migrate your intellectual property portfolio smoothly from old legacy systems.

Any Type of Intellectual Property

Dolmen IP Management comes with a set of standard IP object types that gives companies the freedom to work with various IP objects:

  • Patent
  • Software
  • Database
  • Copyright
  • Trademark
  • Know-how
  • Industrialdesign

Once created, any IP object is automatically included in all dashboards with analytical and statistical information, which dramatically reduces operations costs.

Entire IP Object Lifecycle

Dolmen IP Management supports companies working with intellectual property in each and every step of the IP object lifecycle. The list of provided functions includes but not limited to:

  • Market analysis and generating ideas
    Registration of new ideas and insights, quick and flexible search of previously registered ideas.
  • Estimation of generated ideas
    Registration of meeting protocols, flexible workflows for making go/not-go decisions, registration of the made decisions.
  • Creating IP objects
    Easy adding of new IP objects of various types, attachment of any related documents, joint working on the objects of intellectual property.
  • Obtaining legal protection
    Preparation of document packages for applications of various types, registration of sent applications/received answers.
  • Payments and accounting
    Registration of invoices, payments, fees; control on remuneration payments to authors.

All-in-One Portal

Single Entry Point for Overall IP Information. Dolmen IP Management gives a 360-degree view of an intellectual property object in one place. A few examples of IP object information stored in Dolmen:

– General information
This includes IP object type, status, information on authors and right holders, creation and registration dates, scope of rights, generic financial information, and many other attributes.

– Images
Users can easily add and modify as many IP object images as they wish.

– Linked documents
This includes documents of any types: document packages for IP
registration, NDA and agreements with authors, and many more.

– Found risks
Information on identified risks related to the IP object includes: severity level, description, date when the risk was revealed, responsible person, taken measures, date when the risk was eliminated, and other.

– Related items
This includes but not limited to ongoing cases and tasks with the object,
involved companies, and other related IP objects.

All the related items have links for direct access to them. This significantly reduces time for gathering required information on IP objects.

Quick Information Search

Users can easily find required information through the whole volume of data stored in the system. This may include search in

  • Big text fields (e.g. IP object description)
  • ContentofdocumentsattachedtoIPobjects
  • Namesoftheattachedfiles

Tasks and Workflows

To jointly work on IP objects, Dolmen IP Management gives an ability to create tasks and comes with a set of standard task workflows. As an example, when starting working on a new IP object, it is possible to do the following steps:

  • Register an idea
  • Create a task for idea consideration and budgeting
  • Send the task to a supervisor for approval
  • If approved, send the task for subsequent work

Dolmen IP Management gives an ability to register time and money spent for various task-related activities and automatically calculates the total amounts. The summary report can be accessed at any moment.

User Worklists

Dolmen IP Management provides user-friendly web-based screens to work with assigned tasks. The worklists optimize task workflows and make doing routine operations faster.

Dolmen IP Management provides user-friendly web-based screens to work with assigned tasks. The worklists optimize task workflows and make doing routine operations faster.

Message Exchange

To jointly work on IP objects, Dolmen IP Management gives its users an ability to exchange messages. This includes:

  • Manualmessages
    Users can send messages directly through the portal to a specified person or to a group of persons.
  • Automaticmessages
    Such messages are created automatically when some events take place, for instance a task was sent for approval or the task was approved.

Payments & Accounting

You can use Dolmen IP Management as an accounting system that provides keeping track of financial movements, for instance:

  • Fees payed for IP registration
  • Invoices
  • Remuneration payments to authors

The system automatically tracks due dates of upcoming payments and may notify responsible persons about them.

IP Monitoring

Dashboards. One of the Dolmen IP Management advantages is pre-set dashboards with exhaustive information on intellectual property objects. For instance, the Head of IP dashboard contains:

– High-level statistics on IP objects
The content of the statistics can be customized according to your needs
during the implementation process.

– Statistical diagrams
By just one click, users can easily switch between diagrams showing the
total count or total amount of IP objects of various types.

– Detailed information on IP objects
The dashboard contains dedicated tabs with information on IP objects of
various types with an ability to directly go to the object details.

Business Intelligence Reporting

Dolmen IP Management comes with a set of standard reports on IP objects, applications, payments, cases, and others. Examples of provided reports:

  • IP object portfolio (aggregated by IP type)
  • Applications for IP registration
  • Payments to authors for the period
  • On going disputes for the period

Also, users can select required data by using in-built filters and export the result into MS Excel where they can additionally process the selected data.

Actions Log

Actions performed by users when working with tasks are automatically registered by the system. This applies to changing the following task attributes:

  • Severity level
  • Description
  • Assignee
  • Due date
  • Budget
  • Status
  • Result

In addition, the system logs any messages exchanged by users.

Value-Added Services

The out-of-the-box Dolmen IP Management solution can be enhanced with various additional value-added services.


Dolmen IP Management provides a range of functions to work with multiple currencies:

  • Full control over the list of used currencies (adding/modifying/deleting)
  • Setting up currency exchange rates
  • Setting up a default currency that all financials will be converted to

With the Multi-Currency option, each and every financial attribute of any object can be defined in any of the configured currencies. To give some examples:

  • IP object’s market value and tax value
  • Payments to authors
  • Task/project budgets

Risk Management

The Risk Management option of Dolmen IP Management gives an ability to work with risks related to IP objects. To this end, the solution provides the following features:

  • Registering found risks
    Each identified risk has information on the severity level, description of the risk, potential consequences, responsible person, taken measures, and other. It is also possible to attach any risk-related documents.
  • Creating risk-related tasks
    Based on the identified risks, users can create related tasks. The tasks will be automatically added to the worklists of responsible persons.

High Security

Dolmen IP Management provides a broad range of features that guarantee high security of the solution. Among them:

  • Flexible user access rights
    Administrators can set up flexible rules for permission/prohibition of user access to specific screens and actions.
  • Two-factor authentication
    Two-factor authentication adds an additional verification to the process of user check.
  • SSO support
    Dolmen IP Management supports the Single Sign-On authentication.
  • Hashed user passwords
    User passwords are hashed in the database.
  • Secured data flows
    The client application and staging server do not store any data on disks.

Communication between them is totally encrypted.

  • Audit log
    Dolmen IP Management comes with a comprehensive log of user activities.