How does the training go?

On this page you can read the training videos for working with Dolmen. They are useful, illustrative, will help you quickly learn how to use the system as efficiently as possible.

Overview of Development on Dolmen Platform

01. Dolmen Platform. Installation for development

Development environment installation: local application server (Dolmen server and web-server), IntelliJ IDEA IDE

02. Dolmen Platform. Project Setup

Setting up a project for the module development

03. Dolmen Platform. Table Description

Creating tables for your modules

04. Dolmen Platform. Screens, part 1

Simple table screens

05. Dolmen Platform. Screens, part 2

Working with linked tables

06. Dolmen Platform. Screens, part 3

Linked tables. Forms and tabs

07. Dolmen Platform. Screens, part 4

Switching between screens

08. Dolmen Platform. Screens, part 5

Dependent fields

09. Dolmen Platform. Screens, part 6

Screen management and screen development workflow

10. Dolmen Platform. Server Console

Running actions in server console, querying table, editing records, views

11. Dolmen Platform. Two-factor authentication

Configuring two-factor authentication with time-based one-time passwords

12. Dolmen Platform. Iterating over table rows

Writing actions in Kotlin programming language

13. Dolmen Platform. Creating a table record

Writing an action to create a new record in the Customer table

14. Dolmen Platform. Searching, updating and deleting records

Working with records in database tables

15. Dolmen Platform. Running actions

Running actions in server console, screens and IDE

16. Dolmen Platform. Creating views

Using abstract tables to query several tables

17. Dolmen Platform. Charts

Data visualization in screens

18. Dolmen Platform. Localization

Translating the user interface